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The range of pipe dimensions and characteristics offered is wide and able to meet many different application requirements. They can be produced in any diameter from 25 mm (1″) to 3000 mm (120″). Standard lengths are 6 and 12 meters however customized lengths are available on request.

Pipes are manufactured using the discontinuous dual helix filament winding process on computer-controlled machines.

By adjusting the relative speed of mandrel rotation and glass distribution head movement, helical reinforced layers can be wound with different angles. The inside diameter of the finished pipe is defined by the mandrel outside diameter and the designed wall thickness is achieved by repeated winding passes. In such a way the outside diameter of pipe (OD) is determined by the pipe wall thickness. To increase the pipe stiffness, especially on large diameter pipes, silica sand can be added to parallel layers of the mechanical wall.

Main characteristics of this process
are the following:


  • The Bell and Spigot joint is an integral part of the pipe.
  • The cross winding allows enough flexibility in the design to specify pipe of any axial and hoop strength
  • The axial strength is normally higher than that of pipes produced with other processes
  • Pipe stiffness is not related to joint stiffness which in any case is higher than the pipe stiffness
    and guarantees a very stable joint practically without deformation
  • The pipe could be made with us without silica sand depending on the load conditions

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Nominal Pressure Class

Pipes and fittings are classified according to nominal pressure. Standard pressure classes are: 3, 6, 10, 16, 20 bars.
Intermediate or higher-pressure classes can be provided depending
on the design parameters and conditions.

Pipe Stiffness Classes

Pipes are also classified according to specific pipe stiffness. Standard stiffness classes are: 1250, 2500,5000 and 10000 Pa.
Intermediate or higher stiffness classes are available on request or depending on the design conditions.