Sarplast Qatar GRP Casings Pipes are also custom built. They can be designed and manufactured to meet each project requirement and Engineering specification.
The range of dimensions and characteristics is wide. They can be produced in any diameter from 2 inches up to 48 inches. Standard lengths are 6 and 12 meters. Customized lengths up to 12 meters are available on request.
It should be noted that GRP Casings have Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter slightly different from steel Casings of the same nominal size.
GRP casings are particularly suitable for aggressive environments (salt water, high PH and hot mineral water) thanks to its complete corrosion resistance and for medium and deep wells thanks to its excellent mechanical properties.
On the outer layer of the casings a special sand coating can be applied, upon request, to improve the bonding of the cement to the external surface of the casings.
The joint is a Bell and Spigot with Double O-ring Lock Joint. This joining system is very easy and can reduce installation time up to 50%.