Engineering Services

  • Stress analysis on both aerial and buried GRP piping systems with (CAESAR II 4.5 ® – 2018).
  • Surge Analysis (transient and static) with Pipenet ® software
  • Calculation of behavior of aerial GRP pipes installed on supports by using own internal software
  • Calculation of behavior of GRP buried pipes according to AWWA C 950/95 Standard code
  • Hydraulic calculations according to the most used formulae (Hazen Williams, Colebrook, Bazin)
  • Supports engineering and design.
  • E.M. Analysis on a GRP fitting, joint or spool.

Technical Assistance

Sarplast Qatar can complete the supply assuring the availability of its own skilled and experienced supervisors for the Supervision for the following activities:
• Assembly and Lamination activities.
• Evaluation and Maintenance plans for GRP piping systems.
• Hydro-testing activities.
Site installation and supervision.

Installation Efficiency

Filament wound pipes are available in 12 m lengths and Installing them guarantees their fast and practical installation compared to many other systems since the Bell and Spigot joint makes the pipes assembly and joining very easy.The nipple sealing test guarantees the successful execution of the final hydraulic test that therefore this may also be avoided.If the joint is also provided with locking keys, then the use of thrust or anchor blocks can be reduced enormously or can even be removed completely.


Sarplast Qatar can produce a wide range of GRP fittings (elbows, flanges, tees reducers, etc. ) and spools prefabricated that are supplied ready to be installed.

Fittings can be manufactured either by hand lay-up, by contact molding or by spray-up process.