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About Us

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Engineering Services

  • Stress analysis on both aerial and buried GRP piping systems with (CAESAR II 4.5 ® – 2018).
  • Surge Analysis (transient and static) with Pipenet ® software
  • Calculation of behavior of aerial GRP pipes installed on supports by using own internal software
  • Calculation of behavior of GRP buried pipes according to AWWA C 950/95 Standard code
  • Hydraulic calculations according to the most used formulae (Hazen Williams, Colebrook, Bazin)
  • Supports engineering and design.
  • E.M. Analysis on a GRP fitting, joint or spool.

Technical Assistance

Sarplast Qatar can complete the supply assuring the availability of its own skilled and experienced supervisors for the Supervision for the following activities:
• Assembly and Lamination activities.
• Evaluation and Maintenance plans for GRP piping systems.
• Hydro-testing activities.
Site installation and supervision.

Installation Efficiency

Filament wound pipes are available in 12 m lengths and Installing them guarantees their fast and practical installation compared to many other systems since the Bell and Spigot joint makes the pipes assembly and joining very easy.The nipple sealing test guarantees the successful execution of the final hydraulic test that therefore this may also be avoided.If the joint is also provided with locking keys, then the use of thrust or anchor blocks can be reduced enormously or can even be removed completely.


Sarplast Qatar can produce a wide range of GRP fittings (elbows, flanges, tees reducers, etc. ) and spools prefabricated that are supplied ready to be installed.

Fittings can be manufactured either by hand lay-up, by contact molding or by spray-up process.

Sarplast Qatar Story

Sarplast Qatar W.L.L., based in Doha, has a plant area of over 40.000 m2, of which 4.000 m2 are covered, and operates 5 discontinuous production lines from ND 25 to ND 3050. Its production capacity is 35.000 tons/year and employs over 120 workers.

Sarplast Qatar manufactures and supplies glass fibre reinforced plastic pipes and fittings according to Sarplast design. The company’s products include all joints and fittings, flanges and elbows as well as casings, screens and risers for deep water wells; it also offers engineering and technical assistance services.

Sarplast Qatar is registered and qualified with all local authorities as in Qatar and certified ISO 9001,14001 and 18001 and operates according to the Total Quality Management System .

Sarplast Qatar has its own certified Laboratory, where it can perform all tests both on raw materials and finished products..

Main characteristics are

Smooth internal bore which improve the flow characteristics of the piping system.

Pellentesque Magna Fully corrosion and chemically resistant in regard to the conveyed fluids, aggressie soils and vacant currents.

Several jointing options available as the cement coupling, Tapered cement also Bell & Spigot Lock joints.

Light weight that allows easy handling and quick installation.


SARPLAST is an international Group with more than 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacturing and supply of Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes and fittings.
Main goal of SARPLAST is to develop the technology and the market of GRP piping systems and to maintain a global leadership position.

Sarplast, since its creation, has given a significant contribution to the development of the world market of fiberglass pipes, with pioneering applications both in the civil and industrial sectors.

Our Company mission is based on team work, training, employees involvement at all levels and new products research and development in total respect for the environment. The company is oriented towards continual improvement and operates according to the Total Quality Management system.

Sarplast operates in over 25 countries, and its activity are today more focused on the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and South America, bringing the production of pipes close to where the demand originates.

Worldwide projects and activities carried out over the last 40 years are one of the key factors of the success of our Company.

Sarplast Qatar is registered and qualified with all local authorities as in Qatar and certified ISO 9001:2015

GRP fields of applications

1- GRP piping systems with large diameters for low pressure applications as aqueducts, sewers, sea water intake and discharge.
2- GRP piping systems for chemical, petrochemical, food and power industry.
3- GRP piping systems for Pressure applications, cooling systems and potable water lines.
4- Shipbuilding applications and Offshore installations: Marine Piping System, Seawater, cargo, flammable liquids, sounding lines.
5- GRP piping systems for pressure applications for civil and industrial sewers, cooling systems and potable water distribution lines.
6- Submarine GRP sea lines including final risers.
7- GRP piping systems where high resistance to abrasion are required as desulphurization plants, quarry and slurry piping installations.
8- GRP piping systems for fire fighting networks manufactured under the prescription of the Factory Mutual certification.
9- GRP piping systems for deep water wells manufactured under own internal know-how.

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