Light Weight . Quick Installation . Smooth Internal Bore
Fiberglass offers a superior alternative to traditional materials like steel, ductile iron and concrete.

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About Us - Sarplast Qatar W.L.L.

Sarplast is the world leading company in the design, manufacturing and supply of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes and fittings with the Dual Helix Technology.

Sarplast Qatar W.L.L. has been set up with the target to further develop the filament winding GRP technology and products in the G.C.C. market of and to continue working and increasing the experience of manufacturing started in 1973.

Diameters in the Doha Plant are available ranging from No. 600 mm up to No. 3000 mm, and for operating pressures up to 30 bars.

SARPLAST QATAR WLL.  was established in Doha – State of Qatar as a joint venture among:

  • AMIANTIT QATAR PIPES Co. (AQAP)  leading manufacturer of (FRP/GRP) Pipes & Fittings in the State of Qatar

  • Abu Dhabi Pipe Factory leading manufacturer of (FRP/GRP) Pipes & Fittings in UAE.

  •  Iniziative Industriali S.p.A.– SARPLAST ITALY

The Factory:

is located in the new industrial area of Doha, Qatar and can its facilities can be summarized as follows :

  • Total Area: 42.000 m2

  • Production Area: 4.000 m2

  • Production Capacity: 18.000 Tons/year

  • Production Units/Pipes: 2 lines

  • Production lines Fittings: 1 workshop

  • Prefabrication : 1 workshop

Characteristics of Filament Wound GRP pips:

Pips are formed by adjusting the relative speed of the mandrel rotation and the movement of the glass distributor, to achieve the pipe predefined design, according to the required winding angle.

Pipe properties can be varied by adjusting the proportions of materials which may also include high purity sand.

Main characteristics are:

  • Smooth internal bore which remains constant.

  • Fully Corrosion resistant in regard to the conveyed fluids, aggressive soils and vacant currents.

  • Several joining options available as the bell & spigot joint manufactured monolithic to the pipe

  • Standard pipe lengths is 12 meters, through any intermediate length is available .

  • Light weight that allows an easy installation.

GRP Field of application:

  • GRP piping system with large diameters for low pressure applications as aqueducts, sewers, sea water intake and discharge

  • GRP piping systems for chemical, petrochemical, food and power industry.

  • GRP piping systems for pressure applications, cooling systems and potable water lines.

  • Shipbuilding applications and offshore installation: Marine piping systems seawater, cargo, flammable liquids, sounding lines.

  • GRP piping systems for pressure applications for civil and industrial sewers, cooling systems and potable water distribution lines.

  • Submarine GRP piping systems where high resistance to abrasion are required as desulphurization plants, quarry and slurry piping installations.

  • GRP piping systems for the fire fighting networks manufactured under the prescription of the factory mutual certification.

  • GRP piping systems for the deep water wells manufactured under own internal know-how.

Engineering Services:

Stress analysis on both aerial and buried GRP piping systems with (CAESAR II 4.5 Code )
Surge analysis (transient and static) with pipenet software.
Calculation of behavior of GRP buried pipes according to AWWA C 95/950 Standard code.
Hydraulic calculations according to the most used formulae (Hazen Williams, Colebrook, and Bazin)
Support engineering and design.
F.E.M. Analysis on a GRP fitting, joint or spool.
Bill of quantities of pipes, fitting, valves, gaskets and bolts.

Isometrics of GRP lines for both aerial and buried applications (AUTOCAD)
Drawings of Profiles and altimetry of pipelines plans, sections and details of various lines.
Details and general drawings of Spools drawings of GRP fitting like flanges, lamination, Branch connections, etc.

Technical Assistance:

Sarplast can complete the supply assuring the availability of its own skills and experienced supervisors for the Supervision for the following activities :

  • Assembly activities

  • Lamination activities

  • Hydro-testing activities

Installation Efficiency:

Filament wound pipes are available in 12m lengths and installing them guarantees their fast and practical installation compared to many other systems since the bell and spigot joint makes the pipes assembly and joining very easy.
The nipple sealing test guarantees the successful execution of the final hydraulic test that therefore this may also be avoided.
If the joint is also provided with locking keys. Then the use of thrust or anchor blocks can be reduced enormously or can even removed completely.


Sarplast can produce in GRP a wide range of fittings (elbows, flanges, tees reducers, etc.) and prefabricated spools, that are supplied ready to be installed.
Fittings can be manufactured either by hand lat-up, by contact molding or by spray-up.